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East Knoyle Bell Ringers

Church Bells

Church Bells

Could anything symbolise an English country village scene more that the sound of bells ringing out from the church tower?

Do you enjoy hearing the bells ring out? With Covid restrictions, the bells at St Mary’s have been silent for some time now. However, with the easing of the lockdown rules, that has changed and they can now be rung. Regretfully, though, there are now too few people to ring them and there is a desperate need to recruit new campanologists if the practice of bell ringing is to continue in East Knoyle.

It really isn’t too difficult to learn. You don’t have to be musical, although a sense of timing is helpful, and only a basic level of fitness is required. Age is no barrier and there is no doubt that there is a certain sense of satisfaction in playing the biggest musical instrument in the world.

So why not give it a try. If you fancy playing a bit of heavy metal, please contact either Roger Standingford (01747 870741 / or Paul Naish (tel: 01747 832335 /