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Coronavirus/Covid 19 Information

More details: Coronavirus: What are social distancing and self-isolation?

Listen to the advise being given by Government and the NHS and act upon it


During the current outbreak we all need to listen to the advise being given by Government and the NHS and act upon it accordingly. This page will be updated regularly and below are some useful links along with initiatives being organised throughout the village in an effort to help everyone cope with what will be a very different way of life potentially for some time.

Knoyle House Ground Play Area

  • East Knoyle PC have closed the play area until further notice in line with current guidelines.

Wiltshire Police and County Council Information

E-mail Group

  • An e-mail group is being established to keep villagers updated. To be included please make contact below.

Wrens Shop Information

The shop has changed it’s opening regime to follow the Government’s guidance about social distancing.
From Monday to Saturday we’ll be open from 0800 - 1400 for normal operations. During this time there will be a volunteer at the door to advise customers and to regulate entry into the shop. The plan is to let two customers in to the shop at any one time and one for the post office.

There are lines on the floor marking out the 2 metre spaces and there is a perspex screen between the till operator and any customers.

From 1400 - 1700 the shop will be closed so that the volunteers can make up orders for those villagers who are self isolating. We have a number of volunteers ready to deliver supplies to the self isolators.
From 1700 - 1800 the shop will reopen in the same format as the morning.

On Sundays the shop will be open from 0900 - 1200 in the new format.

Post Office is open 0900 - 1300 Monday to Friday

Customers are to maintain the 2 metre distance apart whilst queuing outside the shop on the pavement


  • Wrens is receiving prescriptions from Hindon Surgery and anyone that needs to pay for them can do so at the shop.

During the current Coronavirus outbreak, Wrens volunteers are happy to deliver to those villagers who find it necessary to self-isolate. However, payment will need to be made via a shop account. Those of you in the village who do not already have an account with Wren's can easily open one. Just download the form below and and one can be opened very quickly for you. You will need to credit your account via cash, cheque, bank card or BACS transfer, with a minimum of £50. We would also ask that those of you who already hold accounts with the shop put them into credit of a minimum of £50.

The Fox and Hounds

Useful Links and Websites

Tisbury Surgery

Hindon Surgery

Become a Buddy for your Neighbours

  • An action group has been formed to co-ordinate responses to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 coronavirus as so many people want to do everything they can to help. Information is already being shared on a Whatsapp group and please message: 07713 321530 if you would like to be added to this group.

    Some of you may already have responded to the Buddy Leaflet distributed at The Green and uploaded to the website in which case there is no need to enter your details again. Please be assured these are co-operative efforts. The Green is already all connected on NHW which is the only reason its being done seperately. This is a parish wide effort for everyone.

    If you are happy to offer to be a point of contact for a small group e.g. next-door plus 2 either side, please let us know with your address and contact numbers along with the house names of the adjoining properties.

    If you are self-isolating, you might still like to help out either phoning/emailing other internees or providing a point of contact for shopping lists etc for those who don’t use email.

  • EK Buddy Leaflet The Green (Word Doc)
  • EK Buddy Information Rest Of Village (PDF)

This page wil be a moveable feast so if anyone has any useful related links please let us know and we can add to the page for the benefit of all.

You can send any information to

Above all Stay Safe and Be Sensible and Follow the Guidelines "Especially the 2 Metre Rule"