Photograph: Jon Evans

How it started

Charlie Cumberledge EK Website Pioneer

Charlie Cumberledge EK Website Pioneer

The concept for the East Knoyle Website was initiated by Charlie Cumberledge who was the original driving force behind its creation and oversaw not only its development through the early years, along with other villages such as Semley using his expertise to set their own websites in motion, but he was also the motivator behind the transition towards what is today the latest village website.

Sadly, Charlie passed away late in 2016 so never got to see all his labours come to fruition, but all those involved both then and now will always remember fondly his passion for the project and we are all hugely grateful for his drive and dedication and he will always remain a part of this.

The website continues to "evolve" and the Editorial Team continue to strive to expand and improve the content to make it a valuable resource for the Village.

What we have today is very different from the original site both in terms of style and content plus the site is much more "user friendly" for those wishing to browse for local information and we're pretty sure that Charlie would approve.

We are always open to suggestions on how to move forward and wherever possible will endeavour to add and include content that benefits East Knoyle so if you have any thoughts please feel free to get in touch via the usual channels.