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Knoyle House Ground Playground Appeal

Knoyle House Ground

Knoyle House Ground

The current playground and facilities here in East Knoyle have been around since March 2011, when most of the equipment was installed. We all know that it has provided and continues to provide a great resource for local residents, as well as attracting many visitors (who incidentally often use Wren’s Shop as well).
However, we are now faced with an aging facility that requires some important work done to ensure that the playground remains a safe environment, and which meets the requirements of the annual RoSPA inspection and the ever-increasing requests of our insurers.
There are several one-off costs to ensure we continue to pass the RoSPA inspections. The largest of these is to upgrade the quality and levels of wood chip in the ‘fall areas’ around the slides and swings. Over time the original wood chip has become compacted and broken down and it needs replacing/upgrading. And guess what? It cannot be any old wood chip (of which we have plenty!) – it has to be a specific grade that actually meets a BS Standard, and which obviously costs a lot more. Why do we need it? Like so many things these days there are evolving Health and Safety requirements, which if not met can lead to closure, plus the ever-present liability issues.
We already have a team of volunteers in place to help with some of the work required – huge thanks to them. We now need funds to get the wood chip (estimated at around £2000) and other one-off costs in place.
The Parish Council ensures that the grass and gardens are maintained throughout the year.
How to Donate
In order to ensure the future of the Playground anyone can donate to the Knoyle House Grounds Playground Appeal via the link below

Or you can click on the link below for the QR code to donate

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All funds will be held in a ring-fenced deposit account by EKPC and will be used exclusively to maintain and improve Knoyle House Grounds and the playground.

We are really grateful for your support

East Knoyle Parish Council